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I have learned so many things about myself over the last six years. Probably more than all of the other years of my life. I remember a couple years back on one of our Beachbody Success Club trips being faced with this rock wall. Mike and I & a couple of our friends decided to climb it. I'd never rock climbed before and had no idea what it feels like to elevate yourself, at your control while feeling SO out of control all at the same time. The higher you climbed, the faster your heart beat. The wider the footings, the worse the mind games kick in. The doubt overcomes you. All of the sudden, the challenge you thought was physical, becomes mental.

Your brain does everything in its power to convince you that you aren't safe, you aren't comfortable and that the only solution is to decline.

I was determined to beat the fear. Beat the doubt and make it to the top. Of the 4 of us that climbed, 3 declined before reaching the top. They all went before me and I watched their struggle, their mental process and just how powerful self justification can be in times of stress. I was determined, that no matter what I faced on the journey up, I was going to reach the bell at the top and ring it loud for all to hear.

Mid way up, about 3 feet from the bell, I hit a wall. Not physical one... a mental one. The one I'd watched take people down time and time again. I had a choice in that moment to find the foothold that seemed out of reach, or begin my decline back to safety. The longer I sat and contemplated what I was going to do, the harder it became to hold on. I wasn't gaining strength by standing still and I had to flight or fight.

I reached my body as far as it would reach and almost fully spread out, I took that panic and that fear and I balled it up into a burst of defiance and strength and did what I visualized myself doing. I rang that bell. I let everyone know that it IS possible to get over that wall... to reach the top.

Wherever you are standing today, are you gaining strength? Or losing it? Are you visualizing success or defeat?

Define your climb. Defy your doubt.

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