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Has anyone ever asked you to fill out an "about me" section & you have no idea what to say? Or have you ever had to ask yourself, "who am I?"

What's sad, is most of the time we are disconnected from WHO we are simply because we are too focused on what we see in the mirror. We obsess over the flaws & soon that's all we are able to see.

I'm pretty sure, if someone asked "who are you?", your answer wouldn't describe the way you looked, your weight, the cellulite, the fat rolls, veins or dimples. I'm pretty sure acne wouldn't be discussed or how thick your hair & eyelashes aren't. I feel like bringing up butt and boob size would be REALLY awkward albeit inappropriate & I'm almost positive you wouldn't start every sentence with "I hate", "I wish I was" or "I'm afraid too"...

What we WOULD ( or should) do is rack our brain for what we feel we contribute, how we love, what we're passionate about & what we spend most of our energy doing. We'd explain our career, our skill sets & what we

K N O W we are good at. We'd share about our family, priorities & maybe even reflect back to our childhood to some of our most innate traits that still live inside us.

For example:

A B O U T M E | by jace lundgren

Change is a constant & welcome companion in my life. My #sagittarius energy is #wildandfree & requires a constant challenge to keep it alive. I am the most frustrated when life gets mundane. I am the grumpiest when I feel the most tied down. Risk has never been an aversion for me, but rather a sign that I'm on the right path. I fear a lot of things, but hard work for the good of others will always trump all. I am easy to maintain but tough to manage and I'll always choose jeans over skirts.

I believe that all women have mystery & sex appeal

E S P E C I A L L Y when they become mothers, some just forget how to tap into it. I will always be the most awkward girl in the group, but the most loyal, loving and f u n if the walls happen to get torn down. I have a deeply rooted faith & k n o w who I am, where I came from and what I am w o r k i n g towards. I believe in tolerance over judgement, empathy over criticism and love over ALL. I sometimes give up if I feel like I can't win.

I often speak without t h i n k i n g and regret it. I'd rather concede than confront 99% of the time to

k e e p peace. I have a strong desire to make sure the people I c o m e in contact with feel unconditionally loved. I'll go without to give others more. T h e most beautiful thing about me isn't external. I am funny a n d constantly working for a smile or a laugh. I can't be anything but l o u d. I grew up in a large, very tight knit f a m i l y & consider my parents as one of my greatest b l e s s i n g s in life. My sisters are my best friends and my best friends a r e my sisters. I h a v e always been active, energetic and constantly doing something. I still can't sit still.

Can we spend more of our thoughts on positive affirmations than negative opinions? Can we spend more of our energy on truth instead of lies? Can we take more action than criticism & can we D O more instead of just wishing, hoping, dreaming or wanting?

Stop defining who you are based on a number on the scale, the tightness of your pants or the wounds that plague you. A scar reflects a "healed wound". By fixating on those wounds they can never scar over, become strong again or resist further injury.

You are so much more than a physical image in a mirror. Your reflection doesn't tell the story, it just represents it.


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