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"Strive for healthy because it's achievable even when "happy" isn't in the picture"...

Love does exist.

So do strong relationships, good marriages, honest communications, equal respect, admiration and understanding.

There are couples that goal together, grow together and challenge themselves to do more, be more and out love one another.

Don't ever believe that relationships that are healthy are always happy. Everyone struggles, that's how we become stronger. It's how we bond more tightly. Strive for healthy because it's achievable even when "happy" isn't in the picture. After all, isn't "happiness" feeling safe, confident and loved by the other person regardless of the situation you're in?

Ask yourself if you feel loved, confident and safe in your relationships and if you yourself are achieving that goal with others as well.

Individuals with high tolerance, the ability to have patience and empathy for others and to forgive quickly build lasting, loving relationships. Our own individual ability to love, the way we do it, the way we receive it... is critical to the success of inviting it into our life.

There is a book called the "5 Love Languages" that if you haven't read, is a MUST read. Especially if you have kids. It will help you navigate how others perceive love from you, how you can give it to them in the way that THEY need to be shown as well as communicate what YOU need. Pick it up, keep the faith in healthy relationships alive and let's set the example for what love should be instead of what it isn't.

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