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As a busy, yet a health Conscious Mama, "easy, quick & guaranteed nutritious" is right up my alley.

Every mom knows their babies and each of their needs. I can't tell any mom what to do for their children but for me, shakeology is a daily part of our lives.

While I don't let my baby drink an entire serving, he does share mine pretty much on a daily basis. It helps with his digestion,energy and I know he's getting the vitamins he needs at least once a day.

If for nothing else, it's made my life easier. It's a go to any time of day, it's always around and accessible and my kids love it.

There's been chatter about the exotic ingredients and if they're okay for children... but in my opinion, EVERY ingredient is pretty much foreign to children when they are just learning to eat solid foods. So for me, the more you introduce the better.

I drank my shakeology during my pregnancy with Gray (2nd & 3rd Trimester) and while I was breastfeeding. I've been drinking every day for 6 years and have never gotten tired of it, felt the investment wasn't worth it or regretted it a day since I started.

You replace one meal a day ( I generally coach people to use it for the LEAST convenient meal of the day). It will boost your energy, build and strengthen your metabolism, expedite fat loss and get your body running like a fine tuned machine. It saves my life CONSTANTLY.

To view more on shakeology and learn its benefits, click Learn More

Hope this gives you a vague, yet comforting feeling about feeding your kids the greatest shake on earth.


Coach Jace

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