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Okay so.... looking past the NAME ( sigh ) of this new program and into the nitty gritty details, this is a fitness program launch that I am SUPER stoked about. Trainers Autumn Calabrese and Sagi Kalev, two trainers that have completely transformed my body are teaming up and combining their skills for this new program and I cannot wait to do it. I've never personally entered the Beachbody Challenge (yikes) but seeing how 2016 marks my 5 year anniversary working for them I thought i'd go big or go home and enter my results.

A Little about H&C ( because I can't even TYPE Hammer and Chisel one more time... )

It's focused on Stabilization, Strength and Power. It's designed for people looking for a more comprehensive weight training program. If you've done any of the 21 day fix series or Body Beast, this program is your JAM. I'm hosting a challenge group if you're needing some group support, want to keep things fun and need accountability in your life. I want to find some BOSS fit people like me who need a challenge and will push themselves to not only start, but COMPLETE this 60 day program. The workouts are 30-40 minutes, the diet plan is SIMPLE and flexible and I'm encouraging ALL of my challengers to enter their results (details in the challenge group) for a chance to win some cash dollars for their hard work. I posted a couple pics of my results from Body Beast and the 21 day fix extreme to give you an idea what these trainers programs have done for me. They are in home workouts and for this particular program, you'll need some free weights, a resistance ball and band or pull up bar. If you want to join my challenge and head out of 2015 better than you entered it, CLICK HERE and lock in your challenge pack and let's get to work! or simply buy here

This is after 1 Round of the 21 Day Fix and a Round of Body Beast. I found out I was pregnant with Mr Gray about 5 days after I took this picture. This is probably the best shape I've ever been in. All in home working out and focusing on the 21 day fix, portion control containers that you get with the Masters Hammer & Chisel. Who says you can't get RIPPED at home?

GIVE BACK ALERT!!! This program means more to me than just getting people healthy and fit, or chiseling that perfect body that I'm dreaming of while I snack on oreos and think about that last 10 pounds of baby weight thats cushioning me on the couch. There is an amazing cause tied to the sales of this program.

I'm asking you to PLEASE invest in this program and SPREAD the word! Please share this link and get people involved. For every 1000 units sold, our Company will place a homeless family before Christmas. What an INCREDIBLE cause to put your investment towards. Help get yourself happier, healthier and focused forward while helping out someone in need. This... is MY jam. Giving back. LIFT your life, and LIFT Others. Click HERE to purchase the program and help us get 250 kids under a roof this month

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