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I wanted to share how I found the perfect diet. No, it wasn't found in a magazine, a book or on TV. A friend didn't share it with me, I didn't hear it from OPRAH and I certainly didn't just make one up. It wasn't from one of my free Clean Eating Challenges... This little secret came LONG before all of that. I am not a dieter. I'd never done a diet before in my life until I tried Beachbody's Ultimate Reset. Before that, everything was a guessing game. Trial and error. Failing forward. I needed sonething to help me find the foods that made MY body happy. Not science. I suffered from some pretty gnarly depression back in 2011 and I started to notice how certain foods made me FEEL. There were foods that would make me feel bloated, unsexy, HEAVY, moody and would trigger the depression and kick it into high gear. I'd blame myself for eating terribly, too much or too little. I then started to try and pay attention to foods that I ate that DIDN'T make me feel that way. In fact, I began to notice foods that made me feel LIGHT, energetic, HAPPY! I started a little experiment with myself to CONSCIOUSLY discover my HAPPY foods. Each time I ate a BAD food ( You know the ones that made me feel ICKY ) I would take a mental note of it and remind myself of that feeling it gave me when the food was up on the eating block again. I SLOWLY began to eliminate certain foods out of my diet naturally. All of the sudden, certain foods weren't WORTH eating any more because of the havoc they caused. I started eating MORE of the foods that gave me that happy effect. I began to FEEL lighter, my body responded and began to crave more of my "happy foods" and the natural evolution of this process led me to finding the perfect diet for my body. The COOL thing about this, is i'm constantly adding and subtracting foods from my diet through trial and error with this technique. It's about being in tune with your body and mind and listening to what you need. Your body will tell you, you just have to pay attention and listen. I challenge you to try this out and if it helps you, PLEASE let me know! I would love to hear about your experience and if this helped you become more aware of your own personal diet.

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