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Thank you for stopping by to checkout some of my personal results with my FAVORITE programs. If you aren't familiar with Beachbody, maybe these reviews will give you a better idea. There is a program for any body goal, health goal or diet goal. Below are just some of the programs I've done over the years, why I love them and my results. Feel free to message me directly if you have questions regarding any of these programs 

"The Ultimate Reset is the hardest program I've ever done and there isn't even cardio in it! Hands down, if I could get every customer & coach of mine to do the UR I would.  It will teach you what to eat, how to eat, when to eat and how MUCH to eat all while explaining WHY you're eating it. It is LIFE changing" 


"This program was AMAZING, it completely rocked my booty and my legs, chiseled and cut everything up and gave me killer results. I WILL say, it was a strange program in the sense that I felt like EVERY workout focused on legs and chest. SO MUCH so that I had to add a few Body Beast workouts for arms in each week. I felt like I wasn't getting results for the first few weeks ( which is normal with any new program) But then one day, out of the blue, my body was just different. The results speak for themselves"


Core de



Cardio, cardio, cardio. If you know me, you know that cardio is NOT my jam. This program was the FIRST ( that's right! ) first all cardio program I have ever done and I have to say, as much as I hated every last second of it, I LOVED every last second of it as well. I have never sweat so much in my life. This program100% delivered on it's focus: The CORE. I lost 3 inches off my waist and 4 lbs ( which is a LOT for me this point ) and I am so proud of myself for completing this program.

Core De Force results

I'm Post baby Number 2, so I DEFINITELY need strength training in my routine. I have done 1 round of the 21 day Fix, and 2 rounds of the Fix Extreme. I've dabbled a bit with CIZE, but I am currently rocking a body Beast/21 Day Fix Extreme Hybrid. I should probably do more cardio... it'd probably kick this baby weight quicker, but you know what? I just do my thing, I stay consistent with it, I eat right and I know the results will come. I always go for a run when my body feels the crave to get some cardio in but I'm definitely NOT a cardio junkie. I do what's right for MY body, I eat what I call my "Happy Foods" which keeps my body, mind and soul happy. I think when you're searching for the "permanent Fix" instead of the temporary one, it has to align with you naturally. Almost like a "no brainer". These two programs do that for me and the tips/tricks I learned when I did the Ultimate Reset (see below)  have helped tremendously. The Single most factor that has helped me in my diet is simply learning to listen to my body. I wrote a Blog post about my strategy and I share it often with my girls in the Body Camp. Might sound FUNKY, but it WORKS! Feel free to take a read if you're curious or struggling in the diet arena. I believe the ONLY "diet" that will stick is one that is easy and natural and you can find your own personal diet through a little soul searching and getting to know yourself. There is also a GREAT BOOK by Depak Chopra called "What are you hungry for" that I love. 



my swolemate

B O D Y B E A S T 

I've done this program more times over the last six years than any other Beachbody program. Why? Isn't it obvious? This workout builds my body like no other program. I swear by it. Women are so afraid to strength train but it gives you results you just can't get from cardio. Definition, tightening, toning. All of the things that we want. If I could have every woman in the world do this program I would in a heart beat. Hands down, this program transformed my body the MOST. I'm a huge believer in strength training, especially as you get older. It's so important to build support for your joints, to strengthen and build your body. The results speak for themselves more in this program than almost any other I've done. Body Beast, Diet focus, high proteins and veggies create KILLER results. My MAGIC combination and best bikini body secret is the combination of the 21 Day Ultimate Reset followed by Body Beast. Do that, and you'll have the best body of your life! 

#flexfriday !!!! Wait.... it's Sunday...
Some days there will be struggle, and some days there will be joy
What's stopping you_ •__ Lack of energy___ Lack of motivation___ Lack of know how___ Lack of tools__
In Bimini, we discovered I am not a _graceful laugher_... I throw my head back so far it looks like
Someone had asked me where I found this bikini..
I am SO SORE from Body Beast I thought I would DIE during #yoga tonight..
My body is my choice. My hand controls the spoon that feeds it, my shoes are filled by my own feet


Let's be honest, we can't be on our game 100% of the time. These little "Quickies" Are my go to programs when I need to cut the gut ( as I call it )  or need to prep for a photoshoot, buisiness event or even just a DATE night. The 3 Day Quick Fix came from the 21 day Fix program. It is Autumn's cutting program when she's prepping for competition, just a bit watered down version. I haven't done the EXTREME version of this freebie yet, but when I do I'll post it. The plan is three days, basic veggies and chicken, coconut oil. Boring, but effective. Really teaches you that nutrition is SIMPLE, it's US that makes it Complicated. 


The 3 Day Refresh is a legitimate cleanse designed by Beachbody to replace the harsh cleanses on the market floating around. YES you eat food on it along with your shakes and detox. It's also 3 days ( See the theme here ) Itt legitimately will cleanse your system, release the toxins and buildup and get you feeling like a million bucks! I did he Refresh for the first time ONE month post partum ( as seen ) and as you can see, that Post belly bump significantly improved, I knocked off ( and KEPT off ) 6 pounds and felt amazing! 


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