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SUGAR FREE. 30 Day Torture Challenge

What the F was I thinking.

Can I give you some advice? When your best friend Nikki asks if you want to go "sugar free" with them for 30 days, Just say "no thank you" and mosey a long your way. Unfortunately for me... this wasn't my response. I am now committed to 30 days with no sugar and wondering how I'm going to make it through the next 30 days of motherhood, wife-ing, being CEO & mom-aging summer with zero snorts of my early morning, mid afternoon and late night sugar fixes. Don't worry, I'm just being dramatically realistic. But the truth is, Sugar is bad for you. I'm convinced that in less than 30 years a "study" will come out linking all cancer to sugar consumption. You heard it here first folks. To kick off this sugar shortage, I thought i'd read some articles to confirm my suspicions that my late night oreos are making me a little more jiggly than normal. That was a huge mistake. If you want to worry if you have diabetes, fatty liver or insulin resistance... you're probably eating too much sugar. Instead of scaring myself straight, I'm just going to remain in my ignorance one day at a time and rely on the fact that sugar is something I can live without and i'll probably be healthier, skinnier and happier because of it. As a favor to all my humans out there trying to better themselves and do something crazy like not eating sugar for 30 days, I've created a little support group where we can gather each week and complain... I mean, constructively discuss our struggles, support each other, hold each other accountable and make some progress becoming healthier, happier and sexier. To Join the support group, simply request to be added here: SUGAR FREE 30

*Must be located in the US|Canada|UK to participate and not be associated with any other Team Beachbody Coach due to conflict of interest


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