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Is there is something in your life, that you are resisting? Something that you REALLY don't want to do?

If so, chances are, that is the one thing that you NEED to do the most in order to make a shift in your life.

As someone who is the most stubborn, self-described RESISTANT person on the planet, I know, that this is my journey over the next year.

I resist the things that I know in my heart are going to make more more successful.

Sometimes I attribute it to pure laziness. Sometimes I think it's fear. Sometimes I just feel like it's an innate part of my personality or my ego. Whatever it is, I am done with it.

STOP RESISTING. Start Embracing.

This is my personal mantra right now as I dig myself out of this little shell i've built for myself that past 2.5 years. I don't believe anything that is obtainable is permanent. Whatever you gain, can be lost. Hustle and heart can help you achieve success, but to KEEP IT... it takes consistency, hard work and diligence.

It's not just enough to earn it. You have to protect it, fuel it, grow it and re-earn it every single day.

I am giving myself one year to becoming better at being less resistant and more open.

I will E M B R A C E what god is telling me to stop resisting and learn through the process what I already know...

The path of LEAST resistance, is the path of least fulfillment.

Joy, happiness, faith, belief, confidence & impact are between the pot holes, the ravines, the valleys & the peaks. They are on the path most people will look at and immediately resist. The path that doesn't have the rainbow in sight, the beer stand at the end or the cheering crowds waving signs with your name on it throughout the journey.

If I want all of those things, I have to be willing to walk the path that can be dark, lonely and difficult. The one that will break me and then rebuild me. The one that will stress every muscle, fracture every bone. It is the Joy, the faith & the confidence I gain along the way. It is the impact I create with those walking that same difficult path that I will sacrifice for because of all of these things, the most PRECIOUS gift awaits me at the end.

B E L I E F.


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