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Dream Impossible

I knew when I started coaching that I didn’t want to be a mediocre coach, or one that claimed success but had no results of my efforts coaching others to show for it. Transformations were LIFE. My heart drove me 100% those first two years ( the hardest period of time when starting ANY new venture ) but I wasn’t focused on “building a business” just building belief. Within my self. Within others. Within the possibility that people CAN change & become better, inside & out. 

⠀ We were 6 figures in debt when I came into this gig & I wanted to eliminate that with this opportunity. I wanted to be a IV 💫 diamond Leader. A Success Club Legend, an Elite/Premier Coach, an Organization Leader & to duplicate that success with my coaches. I never wanted to be a one man show & I knew if I could help others succeed, MAYBE in that process I could too. My BIGGEST ➕ scariest goal, which was embarrassing to say out loud, was to earn a Million Dollars coaching others to a healthier, more fulfilling life. It seemed RIDICULOUS. #notgonnalie ⠀ My first 45 days as a coach I reached the coveted “diamond rank” & never looked back. Within my second year I became a success club all star + a 2 ⭐️ diamond coach. I was able to open up a 2nd business center & new avenue for revenue. I came into my 3rd year pacing six figures & ANXIOUS to be in a position to be more aggressive with our student loans. From January to July that 3rd year we wiped 100K of debt clean. I earned success club legend, reached 4🌟 diamond, became a premiere coach + was pacing 200K annually. By year 5, I hit that 5 star, Organization leader & things started really coming together. I went into 8 star qualification & hit every single goal I had left on that piece of paper, but one. The big kahuna. The “too big to even dream it” million dollar goal. It seemed ridiculous at the time. Now, not so much🙏🏼 I’ve learned so much about success. What it means, how it’s earned, it’s misleading perceptions + appearance. If you don’t get distracted by the shiny stuff & simply do the work, success is inevitable. If you DO get distracted, it takes MUCH longer than it should, could or would have. That, I have learned the hard way. This million dollar goal seemed slow. But it didn’t matter. I knew I would reach it one day purely because I wasn’t giving up UNTIL it happened. Then I could throw in the towel & eat Oreos all day... lol, but NOT until I earned a million dollars helping other people while trying to live my healthiest life. Maybe it was the Oreos that REALLY drove me🤔 Im not great at sharing the high points or the successes & I’ve thought a lot about why that is. I think for me, the struggle to achieve it has always felt more impactful ➕ more significant to me than the actual achievements themselves. Regardless, I am working on recognition in my life, in my business & in all things that create positive foundations. Therefore, today I am recognizing my internal “before & after” and how tremendous an attitude shift can affect our success. Our attitude is our most powerful weapon. It is our secret to success, legacy & impact. It is the ONLY reason I am still kickin’ around. I achieved my “impossible” Beachbody goal & had surpassed it by the time I stopped long enough to recognize it. Funny how that happens when you’re more focused on the process than the reward. 

The total earnings read 1,076, 969. 21. 

Find your anchor. Find what drives you the FARTHEST & latch onto that idea. Believe in it. Fuel it. Energize & move towards it. Soon you will find yourself setting even more “impossible” goals but this time, with clear vision, full belief & the knowledge to do what it takes to achieve it. The second time around will always feel better than the first. Just keep going😉 

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