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What Will You LIIFT4?

Well I did it. 8 weeks of Lifting, Hiit Training, Resting & LIVING. 

What you know:  -I was in the test group for LIIFT4

-I did this whole program with the hubby

-I did it 50% at home + 50% at the gym

-I suffered from ruptured ovarian cycts 1/2 way through the program ( YOWZERS ) 

-I got crazy results

What you DIDN'T know: 

This program got me through the hardest 8 weeks of my entire life. #forrealz Brace yourself if you are someone reading this just for more LIIFT4 deets and insights because you're about to get a whole lot more. You're welcome to SKIP this part and read on to the good stuff if you like. #fairwarning About 10 weeks ago Mike and I received an invite to be part of an exclusive coach test group for LIIFT4. I was ELATED. I've been a coach for 7 years for Beachbody and being in a test group for an upcoming program is such a special opportunity and one that I had always hoped to have. Not only was it a dream come true but the program itself couldn't have been more suited to my own personal mantras, lifestyle, preferences & personality. It was the PERFECT Coach Jace combo. About a week after the invite, my life came to a complete halt. After being on the road with my family for 3 weeks looking for a new place to plant roots and break through a plateau we had been feeling in Florida, I was hit with some devastating news.  A new emotion emerged at that point. Something I had never felt before. I remember feeling outside my body. It's the only time I can recall seeing "red".

You know that scene in the Twilight series when Bella Swan becomes a vampire and the venom takes over her insides?  The visual of that burning, overwhelming sensation of all encompassing pain is what I felt. It was an emotion brand new to me and in that moment I knew what betrayal felt like.  Now anyone that has had a significant dose of this will know exactly what I mean. It's a sensation like no other. Betrayal is like every emotion hitting you at once, as hard as it can in a way you can't combat it, defend yourself or protect yourself. I knew in that moment, everything would change. Everything in me would be called to the forefront. Ever ounce of my energy mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally would be tested in a way that I could not have prepared myself for, even if I'd seen it coming.  This betrayal came from many sides. It affected my marriage, my entire social circle and on top of that, my kids. It also left me questioning the very person that I am.  I never thought in my life I would be faced with the difficulty of this particular situation and to be honest, even today its an every day battle that I often feel like I am losing. But I have found strength because of it. REAL strength. The kind that is unbreakable, that is just my OWN.  So here I was, given this huge opportunity to be part of this group, this workout, this new energy and excitement surrounding this program and me needing to be on my "A" game more than ever before.... and I was ripped into a thousand pieces. I honestly had NO idea how I was going to get through it, let alone share the journey. I was so vulnerable. I was so raw. I couldn't wrap my head around another intense program. I'd just come off the 80 Day Obsession which was the most mentally taxing program I think i've ever done and I was exhausted. 

Hence, my stunning “before” picture. 


The INSTANT I was sent the details of how the program was structured, what it entailed and the nutrition plan, I KNEW that God had intervened and put this in my path, specifically at this moment in my life, for exactly what I would need to get through this difficult time. 

Never in my 7 years of beachbody have I had THREE rest days. NEVER have I had a program 8 weeks long that was only 4 workouts a week. Never had I seen a program with a SMARTER nutrition plan, with portion focus and realistic eating. This gave me GREAT confidence. It was a breath of fresh air, an answer to my prayers.  Slight Backstory: Leading up to this program ( even through 80 Day Obsession ) I had been struggling with a SERIOUS weight loss plateau. I had gained about 15 pounds from stress in 2016/2017 that would NOT budge. Not by one pound. For a solid year I saw NO change on the scale up OR down. Now, I'm no fitness expert, but I know "some stuff" and no matter what i tried, cleanse I did, program I slayed, this body of mine was PISSED and wasn't gonna give me an inch.  Coming off the 80 day obsession where I worked out 7 days a week, timed nutrition ( holy intense much? ) I actually gained muscle which made the scale go UP and the inches go down but not in the ways I had hoped. Going straight into LIIFT4 was a HUGE adjustment both physically and mentally. These programs are EXTREMELY different and serve two very different purposes so I don't want to play the comparison game, but the contrast of the programs was night & day. A lot of the coaches in the test group went through the same adjustment I did and I'm not going to lie, It felt like a LOT LESS WORK than 80 Day & I was nervous it wasn't going to work.  Enter Joel. My friend, my trainer, my coach. He patiently handled our questions, concerns & gave us the confidence to "trust the process"... something I preach ALL the time. I relaxed, I fully embraced the program and we went after it 100%. By week two, I mentally came down from the 80DO &  settled into this lifestyle of LIIFT4. I lifted heavy, worked my ass off every workout & with Mike next to me challenging me more each workout, the results came fast & furious. 

For the first time in my Beachbody career I wasn't looking for ways to share the program  For the first time I wasn't thinking how I was going to mentally prepare people for what was about to hit them. This program is a LIFESTYLE. It is approachable, un-intimidating, SMART and extremely effective. It's like LIIFT4 was taken straight from my own mantras, lifestyle & ideas about fitness and nutrition. After a solid year of frustrating plateaus, I lost 5 pounds in the first week of LIIFT4. That was BIG for me. Every week I saw new results, made new gains mentally & enjoyed the process of building strength, lifting more than ever before and hitting every hit interval with intensity, good form and focus.  MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT LIIFT4 was the core elements added to EVERY WORKOUT. Core everyday??? YES PLEASE! LIIFT4 was my spirit animal. Lifting weights, TINY bursts of cardio for the queen who hates cardio PLUS Core everyday? That is Jace to a T. The no brainer lifestyle of this program, the no fuss/simple nutrition, the 3 days of rest ( which I think made the BIGGEST difference with my results ) was the perfect combination to allow this part of my life to remain intact, on point & progressing forward. it was the win EVERYDAY that I needed to survive. It was the confidence I needed to THRIVE.  If you are thinking about doing this program, I urge you to discover what you are going to LIIFT4?  What do you need, what do you crave in your life at this moment. Where does your confidence hide? Can you bring it out to the forefront and let is SHINE? What is your trial? What is your JOY? Can I challenge you?  What if... Your fitness didn't have to be about your weight, your pants size or how ripped you look in those #weekendselfies at the beach? What if your fitness routine could be so much more?  What if it could be your daily foundation and strength? What if it could be your WIN every, single, day. What if your fitness routine could be maintained for LIFE and had the ability to keep pushing you, keep challenging your goals & crushing your plateaus. What if your fitness could heal you mentally, physically and emotionally? Your food could feed your spiritually, your cheats could motivate you & your rest days were spent ENJOYING all the work you have put in?  This is LIIFT4.  To Join my exclusive LIIFT4 Sneak Peek Challenge Group on July 16th (almost three months earlier than the public release in October) , get the B4L4 workouts and all program materials immediately, Click HERE.  Or simply, message me for deets here

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