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I feel like energy around fitness has gone DOWN in a major way over the past year. I think it some how started when the Country went into a depression over the Presidential Debates ( KIDDING.... not kidding? ) And now, we're all just sort of sitting here stagnant waiting to recover ... or something.

Wherever the care went, get it back. Exercise isn't about vanity. it's about health, mobility, confidence, energy ... I could go on and on.. you know the drill, you've been following me for long enough. lol

I have been going through some WEIRD body ups & downs lately, not sure if it's age, inconsistency?? Addition to my diet... I don't know, but whatever it is... it's annoying and this mama is going to detox that ish OUT.

I'm going to be doing a quick 3 day Refresh/Detox ($59.95) next week if you're interested in starting the new month with a clean slate. It's a NON-starvation cleanse, you drink your supplements, eat actual food and clean out the belly all at the same time. It's only three days so if you can't make it 72 hours then we need to have other chats about stuff. lol.

See... Here's a preview of the food:



Email me if you're interested in doing it with me at

You'll also get 30 days of access to my body camp support group page, be able to track whatever workouts/diet you're doing in my App and see if we can get ourselves in somewhat decent condition over the next few weeks before the Sun really comes out to play and our Winter Clothes will no longer hide our shame.

You can also get the 3 Day Cleanse with a 30 day supply of Shakeology ( which I Highly Recommend ) that would give you a solid month of diet focus to help maintain your results, boost your energy and metabolism and get your body running like a fine tuned machine. To purchase the challenge pack and save 25% for buying both, Click here

**You'll need to order no later than TOMORROW if you want to get your kit in time** BUY IT HERE

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