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There are some people that truly have rags to riches stories. There are people that have tragedy to triumph and examples where hardship has been overcome to the maximum.

But what about the rest of us? The people who have had their share of heartache and hardship, but overall, can't complain about their life or their circumstances. What about the people who feel like because they have no tragedy to triumph to rely on but STILL want more for their life.... where do they fit in?

I had an amazing childhood. I have incredible parents, who i'll be quite honest, come as close to being "perfect" that's possible. I struggled in school, and I struggled with self confidence and fitting in, but still always had close friends, went to dances and enjoyed my life.

I dealt with hard things, but I always knew that I was here to do something BIG. Something MORE. When I found Beachbody, I had a fight to fight. I needed to evolve, become better and progress. My journey over the last six years in real life, in my virtual life here on social media and with my day job as a beachbody coach has been centered around that evolution. That growth.

So now, here I am.

I have this beautiful life that I worked my BOOTY off for. I have my dream husband, beautiful little boys, this big beautiful home that we built together and we want for nothing.

So is the chase for "more" vanity at this point? Or What is the purpose of doing more, being more and creating more for myself and the people that I love?

I believe that this life is a journey, not a destination. I believe that it is yours for the taking and it's gifted to us for a reason. The road to becoming is never ending. Progression is my purpose. Always, in ALL ways.

I don't believe that any one person has more power than another. I believe we were all born with free agency. The ability to CHOOSE who we are, what we are and what we will become. I learned at a very young age that materialistic things do not follow us into the next life. What we absorb ( love, intelligence, patience, empathy, tolerance, faith, discipline and integrity ) does.

The point is.....

I'm here to tell you that just because you want more, EVEN THOUGH you have enough... that's okay. That drive, that energy, that passion to see what you are capable of is something that God placed inside of you on purpose and that gift of pursuit isn't given to everyone. Embrace it. Follow it. Trust it.

It's not about the things that you acquire in the journey, it's that you are on one to begin with.

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