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I wanted to give a little background on the concept of this blog for any newbies, because let's face it, our biggest set back in life, often times, is our very own self.

Our inhibitions, fears & self doubt shield us from the very happiness & success we crave.

How do we get OVER ourselves to get out of our own way? To find our potential, our happiness & our healthy. The answer is, WE WORK. It takes a lot of awareness, discipline and willingness to move past the things that hold us back. Identifying those things is exhausting, disheartening and often times we just don't want to face it.

I got TIRED of holding myself back. So tired. I allowed my own inhibitions, fears, doubts, low self esteem, lack of knowledge, confidence and social anxiety dictate my happiness and my success to the point where I felt like success and happiness couldn't co-exist and it ESPECIALLY wasn't "in my cards".

It wasn't until I found a healthier lifestyle and gained the knowledge and tools needed to confidently and carefully overcome my self that I actually learned how too. I don't believe you ever reach a state of perfection. Let me clarify.... I don't believe that perfection exists because if it did, there would be no more progression. for me, if I couldn't progress, that would be a living hell. Progression is why we are here on this earth. To learn, to grow, to love. That includes ourselves.

The purpose of this BLOG is to help you get out of your own way and move forward in a positive, albeit humorous at times, way.

Here you'll find ways to identify & overcome obstacles, Fear, Self Doubt, Social Anxiety, Comparison & maybe a few things to help you feel GOOD , Laugh & find connection to.

You MIGHT even find validation to your crazy!

Success can't happen without a little GOY in the journey.

I hope this blog leaves your better and we can become friends. Be open, be humble & be willing to become better. XOXO/ Coach Jace


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