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Am I the only one that had a total New Years Revelation instead of Resolution this year?

As a business owner, a full time tiny human tamer of two very active little ones, a wife and a coach to a few thousand people... life tends to get a little tooooo hectic when the chaos is exacerbated due to your own shortcomings. The Sagittarius in me is chronically un-organized, extremely free spirited and HATES to be tied down. I don't like schedules or appointments or feeling like my day is being run by anything but me. Can we say SELFISH MUCH? Yikes! Having said that....

My main goal the past three months has been serious organization, planning and becoming more action and purpose oriented so that I can achieve my New Years Resolutions... I've been working really hard to find a schedule, balance and some CALM all while working on trying to conquer all of my roles. Because of this, I've had more of a New Years "Revelation" than resolution this year and wanted to share.

My Revelation is this: EVERYTHING IS UP TO ME.

My body. My career. My goals. EVEN my flaws. Everything is within my control when it comes to what I want to do, what i'm willing to do and what i'm going to do. How I feel, how I act, who I am... all up to me. I choose if my flaws and my failures define me, or if they make me stronger. I choose if my strengths help me or if they hurt me. I choose to put the time and effort into my relationships or not, and I am personally responsible for my own action or inaction when it comes to my physical, emotional, spiritual or financial goals.

This may not hit you like a bolt of lightening... it didn't really hit me that way. It was more of a sustained thought over time that finally sank in.

If I want to be a more organized person, then I can be. If I want to be a better mom, then there are thousands of resources waiting to help me do and be just that. If I want to strengthen my leadership and relationships, increase my health or wealth, have a stronger marriage or deeper friendships..

then I CAN.

The revelation comes when you finally accept why you aren't the things that you want to be. Why you HAVEN'T achieved the goals that you've set. The revelation comes through the self awareness that you are the only one who can make you better. You are the only one that can exercise & control the food that goes into your mouth and therefore, your body is a reflection of your habits, your discipline and the amount of care you have for yourself. The financial struggles, the emotional struggles, the physical or spiritual ones that you face, can all be mended if, and only if, you care enough to put in the work, the discipline and the consistency to change them for the better.

The good news for me with my New Years Revelation is that I believe that people can change. I don't care how old, stubborn or set in your ways you are. If you WANT something bad enough, you will FIND A WAY to make it happen.

I heard the best advice on Ryan Seacrest Radio a couple months back... he said

"If people act like they don't care, BELIEVE them"

This REALLY stuck with me and I really do believe that. I want you to apply that to yourself. Think about the things that you "say " you care about, but aren't actually doing anything about. If you really cared, you would act like it.

I want to end this New Years Revelation rant with one simple message

You are the reason you are who you are, are where you are and have what you have.

To some, this might immediately put up your defenses. To others, it might set you completely free. Decide what this year is going to be for you. Dream it. Discipline yourself. DO IT.

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