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This year, I've found so many fun things that have brought joy to my fitness journey & inspired my business growth. I wanted to do a "12" Days of fitmas on Instagram and GIVEAWAY some of my favorites. (to be eligible for entry, find me on Instagram @coachjace)

I thought I'd post them here as well in case you need stocking stuffers or ideas for gifts, these are sure to impress.

On the 12th day of fitmas, we celebrate our inner social bug and take our beloved hashtag into reality with these darling stick-ons from Kate Spade. At $10 each you can't beat this unique/totally adorable gift, perfect for the socialite who wants to hashtag everything!

On the 11th Day of Fitmas, I bring you MOTI-BOOKS. Mini notebooks that inspire your goals. I use these to track workouts, reps & sets and push myself to the next level. Perfect for anyone who loves beautiful colors, positive affirmations and may or may not have an office supply addiction like me. I found these at HomeGoods $5.99 for 3

STAY TUNED each day for updates and remember, I will be giving away ALL of my favorite things in one big box to a lucky Instagram follower on Christmas Day💕

Follow along there @coachjace


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