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It's so easy to impress people when you are in 100% control of what parts of you they see and which parts they don't. Consistently posting is so much easier than consistently living.

Sharing the good, the bad and the ugly is my brave these days. I'm not doing anyone favors with perfectly posed and edited pictures, especially myself. Its what's behind those pictures that is real. It's much easier to be present in cyber space than in real life. It is so much easier to hide behind work and find excuses to NOT deal with hard things. It's so much easier to feel inadequate than successful in every area of life and It's a LOT easier to blame yourself for everything than to listen to those trying to tell you you're doing a great job.

Brave for me these days is being still when I'm afraid to stop moving. Brave is listening instead of fearing what's being said. When I am scared, I will have faith. When I feel broken, I will be brave. Brave is creating balance & slowing down.

Brave is singing your baby to sleep. Brave is playing games outside with your little ones, needing your spouse, and prioritizing your own well being. Brave is the goal to out love each other every day.

Brave is having faith that where your heart is, is exactly where you should be. Faith is recognized by the humble. By those who seek. It does not come to those who are frustrated, distracted or preoccupied.

It is in the quiet, not the chaos, that you find yourself being kind, being present and enjoying those you love. It's what's behind the scenes of the life you so freely display that truly count. The goal is to be present over perfect. To share more "reality" and having your reality being better than what you could ever display on purpose. #presentoverperfect

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