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Do you believe in yourself? I mean REALLY believe? When things get hard do you forget why you started? Do you give up & set easier goals instead? Goals that seem more achievable for you "right now". Or do you set harder ones JUST to show yourself your limitations are simply lies you tell yourself because the pain is getting too great?

Most people give up when that burn occurs during a rep. They think because it's hurting, they've done enough. That the pain somehow indicates you've gone too far... But those who are smarter, know better. They know that UNTIL they reach that pain, NO change is happening. That the pain is ACTUALLY ... Change itself. These kind of people lean into it. They push as far into that pain as they can stand. Until they reach literal failure. They rest and then they pick those weights back up and do ten more reps.

Whether in your workouts, your family, your relationships or your business... Remember pain is temporary. You can embrace it, withstand it and defy it. You CAN do hard things and only you can define the level of pain you are willing to endure.

I define success as happiness. And "Success" for me is not free. It will not be awarded to the lazy, unwilling or ungrateful. It's not a joyous road, or one that anyone looking at would want to travel. Most take the path of least resistance, I choose whatever path that will lead me to success.

The greatest rewards come to those who are willing to bear the pain, make the sacrifice and make constant adjustments. Adjustments big and small, so they are able to withstand more. Those changes, those adjustments, those extra reps build that strong foundation. The foundation is what keeps you grounded, humble and able.

Decide today who you are going to be. Armor up, take that road of resistance. You will be okay, you will find your destination despite the demons you have to fight along the way.

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