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As you can see, i'm still getting used to blogging. I run my instagram page ( @coachjace ) and my facebook page which are no brainers but logging in and posting new blogs will be an adjustment, but an exciting one and i'm up for the challenge. Did I mention that it's frickin hot in Florida? This naturally curly hair is STRUGGLIN. I am excited for the cooler weather and being able to run around outside again without sweating like a pig. ( Do pigs actually sweat? Where did that saying come from? ) I'm starting my September challenge today and rockin a hybrid workout from Beachbody programs "body Beast" & the "21 Day Fix Extreme". These are my TWO favorite workouts that have brought me the best results ( to see my results click here) . I'll try and post up the schedule i'm following. I need to sit down and write it out. I'll follow the nutrition from the Fix Extreme as I like the simplicity of the portion control and the diet plan ( it's AMAZE! ). My goal is to lose ten pounds, gain muscle and look like a supa model... okay, not really, but if you're interested in joining my challenge this month and rock this journey together, go HERE and join my Body Camp Elite. Happy September 1st!

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