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Let's not fool ourselves here. There is every product, pill, wrap, shake and machine on the market SWEARING up and down that they have "found the solution to weight loss". The cold hard truth is, if we don't get off our bootys and do the work, it's not going to last. The ONLY permanent weight management and health solution is daily exercise and daily healthy eating. Period. Anyone that argues and says "one without the other is fine" is selling you something or making excuses. The fact is, we put ourselves in these situations where we eat our faces off, on the couch in front of the TV or our desk at work and try and move as LITTLE as possible so as not to disturb the food euphoria that we've created for ourselves. But while we're off in dream land with our twinkies in one hand and "thin" oreos in the other, bouncing on clouds of cotton candy, lapping from the river of Diet Coke with our sour silly straws, our internal clock is ticking. With every bite, every day that goes by with lack of movement an exercise we shorten our lifespan. Just like it took work to get and STAY obese, it's going to take work to get it off and get back into a healthier lifestyle. BORING! Who likes to eat healthy and exercise? NO ONE! That's why no one starts. However, if you DO start, you soon realize, like most things, healthy eating and exercise are more of an "acquired taste" and the more you do it, the most those tastes refine and crave just that. Once you've acquired that taste it embeds in you for life, and even though the never ending diet/exercise roller coaster may continue, the FEELING of when you were on top of your game is still there and therefore, when you think about getting "back" in shape you're reminded of the feeling you once had when you were in shape before. Your body craves exercise and healthy foods. SO much in fact, that most of the time, we find ourselves over eating because our bodies are waiting for the nutrient intake it needs to trigger that we're full. Because so much of the foods consumed these days are processed, packed with sodium, fillers and sugar, our bodies don't trigger that "full" feeling until we PHYSICALLY can't eat any more. When you start eating healthy, your body becomes satisfied faster, your portions become smaller and your caloric intake becomes balanced and more moderate naturally because your body will trigger that it's nutritionally "full". Just some food for thought today

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