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"to experience flexibility & freedom like this is truly life changing"



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if you're ready to take the leap

and are excited to build your own Team Beachbody business, fill out the application below and let's get started! New Groups start the first week of every month and they fill up QUICKLY, so don't delay in filling out your application!


serve & lift others

personal growth & development

accountability & leadership

physical & financial transformation

confidence & strength

purpose & passion

team unity & belonging


we practice healthy living

we connect with & invite others

we create structure & support

we coach, motivate & lead

we assist in physical & financial transformation

we lift our lives & lift others

dream. discipline. do.


Have you ever felt like you were on the cusp of something MAGICAL? That's what I think about when I think about Team Lift. It's SO SPECIAL and sometimes feels like the "best kept secret" in Team Beachbody. Our culture is unique. It's passionate, it's driven, it's genuine. Our team has an "old soul" feel with a modern energy. 

Our team is growing rapidly and it's exciting!! Men, Women, Moms, Dads, Single, Married, CEO's, Nurses, Teachers, Stay at home parents, Career people, you name it, we love it. We learn together, goal together and GROW together. 

For us, MORE is okay. Whatever we can dream, we want to DO! Our team is driven by our purpose. We are deeply rooted in all that we do. We challenge ourselves to find out what individually we are capable of while collectively supporting each other the whole way. I always say "together we can" and I believe it with all my heart. 

Though the team was founded six years ago, it feels brand new. It feels like it's expanding and building momentum more now than ever. There is nothing more exciting than finding those people that you just JIVE with.


 What other gig in the world provides life changing opportunity to those who simply embrace daily personal development, self care and teaching others to do the same? 

If this seems to speak to you and you feel inspired to take all that independence, drive and passion inside of you and use it to lift your life and others, click here and join us!

"Let your passion preach your purpose"

goal digger

move your body. master your mindset. 

Diamond Coach

Emerald Coach

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