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Cleanse away your day. Work out all the negative comments you received at work. Your kids being ungr
Ready to face my flaws. Ready to embrace I need to change. Willing to do the work, whatever it takes
Double leg day this week
Someone had asked me where I found this bikini..
Is it weird that I kind of miss my preggo belly_ Or maybe I just miss having an Excuse for my weight
I was able to talk to a group of women tonight at a church health fair about connecting your physica
Nighty Night 😴 😑
If you're wondering where I've been... it's here
Been figuring out some good #gymhair styles to tutorialize (is that a word_😂) and think I've narrow
What if the body you have today, is the body you get for the rest of your life_ Without option to ch
So Mike and I had a minute to sneak away and get a workout at the old gym we used to be members of w
Couple new posts up on the blog at
Delays for days mean we are STILL TRAVELING😩😩 Mike can sleep on planes no prob, where as I, can't
No one knew what she would become. She wasn't limited or defined by outside influences. She knew exa
It seems like life gives us a little of everything all at once sometimes
How many times do we let off the gas the instant we feel the burn_ How resistant we are to pain, and
#oreogainz 😂💪🏼
If you need a new workout, a new challenge, a new body, a new group of friends, a new accountability
#dipndots screwed my meal plan today
Happy Easter from our Family to Yours🌷
#change is the only constant we can ever count on and I have learned to embrace it at every new step
yesterday was spent enjoying my little boys, the beautiful life we've created and remembering that t
I'm kind of obsessed with my #yogahair I'm not going to lie
😳😬🤗🖤 #sundays #oreos #livealittle
My worlds collided at #yoga tonight & 2 beautiful amazing women who inspire and motivate and fuel me
I will succeed
I have learned so many things about myself over the last six years. Probably more than all of the ot
#hatgamestrong 💁🏼
🙄 I don't know. I didn't do it
Weight training is my jam. I'm determined to make some significant progress over the next six weeks
I know for some people Shakeology Is just another shake
Is it weird that I left 3 hours ago & I'm already missing my babies__😩 normally I'm like _✌🏼️ out,
Early morning sweat sesh 💦brings all the legs to the yard...
Missing my little Gray today. He is JUST now learning to talk and I am eating it up
Something _garyvee said connected with me yesterday. He was talking about how to actually make chang
#YOGA tonight✌🏼️ I love Tuesdays💕 my hubby is the BEST on Tuesdays, you know why_ Because he does
You know what I've learned about health and fitness_ To lower my expectations, eliminate my Ego and
I've been wanting to share this story... But as usual, have found myself without the words to tell i
End of Summer means pool days every day until the cool down begins
These chicken legs need some meat on them... Country heat starts tonight..
I feel so blessed to be a work at home mom
Morning! Just waiting for this Hurricane to hit Central Florida and these Gray skies have temporaril
Ummmmm, Yes
Things are starting to get weird over here..
Workout Time...
Being a mom is so terrifying. It's probably one of the scariest, hardest, most self reflective exper
Back progress.... It has come a long way
New #swag 👌🏼😉 got my VIP Shop on at the CORE here at summit and I may or may not have taken advan
Staring at my #cookiejar like.jpg.jpg.jpg
Somedays I just don't want to workout.jpg.jpg.jpg Okay.jpg.jpg.jpg A LOT of days😩_•_But when I walk
After a much needed break, completely unplugged, I'm feeling more balanced and relaxed
Last week at our Beachbody summit, a question was asked in one of the sessions by MA-GURLS _alliupha
Morning meetings while Knox is at school and the baby is napping
I've written and re-written this post so many times to try and get out the message that I want to in
FIX EXTREME, lower fix tonight
It's been an adventure, as it always is when I go home🙏🏼 I love Utah and miss my mountains everyda
Pilates Fix Going down..
Have you ever been given a compliment that you have a hard time accepting_ •_When someone praises yo
DAILY LIFT___Do you believe in yourself_ I mean REALLY believe_ When things get hard do you forget w
Okay... Sooooo..... When I saw Beachbody was launching this program ( 🔥COUNTRY HEAT🔥) I thought to
high five! (1)
Fitness sport woman in fashion sportswear doing yoga fitness exercise in the city street over gray c
Group of fit women working stretching leg muscles back to warm up at gym fitness, sport, training an
The things I used to trip on, I walk over now
Women Exercising In Aerobics Class
I'll be your super hero🤘🏼 #bethechange
Group Of Girls In Fitness Class Looking At Smartphone
I needed this 🖤💕 #ocean
Fitness at home_ free weights, yoga mat, mobile phone app. Dumbbells on blue exercise mat and smartp
Showing off some of my favorite #oblique builders 😬 I am never NOT sore after doing this move
Enough as I am. 🖤 End Low Self Esteem. End Obesity. Stop the  Depression, anxiety & stress. No more
Just as you are🖤 #filterless #lifttheimage
Do you remember what your body felt like before you had kids_ Do you remember what you used to dream

you'll always FIT here.

Wood floor texture pattern plank surface

Founder of ONETRiBE Coaching & HOMEBODY, Jace began coaching with Team Beachbody back in 2011. Her hard work has earned her a spot in the top 2% of the company, was an early six figure earner and is now a member of The Million Club. She  served on the Orlando Market council for three years. Other accomplishments include Success Club All Star, Success Club Legend, Premiere Coach & participated in the LIIFT4  test group +  live onstage workout at the annual coach summit in 2017.  

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I started my health + wellness journey back in 2011 after having my first baby, struggling through a bout of post partum depression, debilitating + ongoing ovarian cysts & deep desire to be a strong example to my son. I wanted him to know me as an individual with hopes and dreams on top of being his mama. I wanted him to see what women were capable of. How they behaved. What made them happy, what they needed, how they took care of themselves and exactly what confidence, direction, health and hard work could do. I didn't feel like a good mom at the time, or a good wife.

I didn't feel empowered or impactful. But I did feel a deep desire to change that. To become all of those things. That's where my journey began. One workout, one bite, one positive thought at a time. Because the impact of those simple things compounded so quickly and so powerfully in a such a short amount of time, I knew in my heart, this way through healing with self care was my new calling.

I became dedicated to sharing this lifestyle, these mindsets and perspectives with others struggling to find the path that would take them where they wanted to go. I created Homebody initially as a personal accountability and support group for those working alongside me in their journey, but overtime, as it grew, it became so much more. Homebody became a grounding, positive force for those needing support, motivation, accountability & the safe place to fall that they needed to build themselves back up. It is the family that you can always count on. The place you can come at any time without permission, expectations or the need to be anything but exactly as you are. I believe deeply in self care, in all the ways. I believe that exercise and nutrition are the foundation of self care and when committed to those two specific things daily, the ripple effects are astronomical. Homebody is dedicated to guiding, supporting & bring people results through both diet & exercise and helping them recognize their inner strength, capabilities & worth. 

Living our best life, our most authentic life, begins with a deeper understanding of our basic needs. It's an incredible experience to learn that committing to the most basic of our human needs, healthy diet + exercise daily, can fill so many voids in our lives. Adding the element of helping others and serving a message and a purpose that impacts those around us in positive ways is incredible. To help people become physically, mentally and financially free is the greatest work I could ever be privileged to have a part in. 

It's never too late to start your journey to a healthier more fulfilling life. It's just one workout, one bite, one positive thought at a time.

how it works

we create
daily exercise,
nutrition & personal development
we establish
an understanding of
our needs & our why
we engage
ourselves, our families
Our Formula


The aim is always to create a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle that is structured, supported & sustainable. Creating more structure around your workouts and nutrition brings predictability + stability to your results. Increasing your personal ownership & accountability through coaching plus adding the community and support system that you need to stay grounded, focused and motivated daily, helps you feel the lifestyle you crave is within reach.
We only build UP from this point on. 


creating structure with daily diet + exercise




Wood floor texture pattern plank surface





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last but not least, 

One Tribe


Wood floor texture pattern plank surface
Wood floor texture pattern plank surface



Trust me. I've had ALL of them.

From fear, to low self esteem to lack of confidence, vision and belief... From lack of support to extreme hardship, i've been through it all. And while our circumstances are all different, I believe our journey to be the best version of ourselves trumps it all. You are here now. Recognize that is what makes you different. Be Brave & know that the journey of re-identifying yourself is the most courageous one you can take and I am with you every step of the way. 

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